My Story

I started using Scentsy products when I had my house up for sale.  I work long shifts as a Registered Nurse and wasn't able to run home before people came to see my house and make the house smell good and I certainly didn't want to leave a candle burning all day with nobody home.  My friend and co-worker sold Scentsy and showed me how it all worked.  It met my needs perfectly!  It was safe to leave on all day, no fire, pet friendly, kid friendly...who could ask for more?!  I got many compliments on how nice my house smelled from other realtors.  From then on I was hooked! I signed up after a year of using Scentsy products.  I really believe in the product.  I have never been a sales person or appreciated anyone trying to sell me ANYTHING.  But, I saw how the product sells itself, no need to be pushy.  I'm here if you need to replenish your stock!  I have wanted to try being my own boss, just to see if I could do it.  I can do it, this is easy!  Now I get to tell people about Scentsy!  I love when I hear people say "You sell Scentsy? Oh my gosh, I LOVE Scentsy!" or seeing a person experience Scentsy for the first time!  It's an amazing company and an amazing product!Think about it!<!--endbody-->